October 17th:

Have had to Flee to Bangkok!  Chased by Hurricanes around the Globe!

I never thought playing pro golf could become such a dangerous enterprise.

I have heard of ¨running the storm¨, but this is getting ridiculous!

In July I was almost hit by a Cat 5 typhoon in Taiwan; I left Miami two days before Hurricane Matthew hit Florida; I landed in Xiamen just after Typhoon Meranti had hit.

Now I have had to flee to Bangkok because Typhoon Sarika is bearing down on Hainan, where I am playing the Sanya Open next week, if and when there is a golf course left!

Then, to top it off, there is another typhoon brewing supposed to hit southern China when we fly back there.

This is getting personal!

October 21th:

One the way back to Sanya!

I´ve had a great 4 days in Bangkok with my Mum and Carmen Alonso and Natalia Escuriola, two great Spanish players. Natalia turned pro the same day as me and Carmen has been on the Tour for years and has so much experience that it is great to listen and learn from her. 

We´ve trained, we have been riding on elephants, visited the floating market, had a drink in the Sky Bar on the 50th floor of the Lebua Hotel (which they call the Hang Over) and even had time to get our nails done and enjoy a massage!

I had been to Thailand on two occasions before and I love it.

But now the fun is over and it´s back to work!

The Sanya Open starts next Thursday and I need to improve my ranking!