Chang Gung G&CC, Taiwan

13th - 15th of July



Talk about a welcome party! We landed in Taiwan to be told they were expecting Super Typhoon Nepartak to hit the island and we were one of the last flights in or out of Taiwan!

I never thought being a golf Pro would turn out to be a high risk occupation: I lived through a 5.7 earthquake during the New Zealand Open and now this!!

Thankfully the storm missed the northern tip of Taiwan where we are, but I am really sad to see the destruction that the storm has caused.

First Day
The greens are in a bad state, there are bumps and patches all over, so rolling one in purely a matter of luck. I know it´s the same for everyone, but it´s beyond me how some of the girls are shooting so low. If you look at the results today, it´s the locals mainly at the top of the leaderboard, so they must be used to these greens!
Second Day
It seems the non locals are slowly getting the hang of these greens and we are moving up the leaderboard. Level par for the day, not good considering I hit almost every green, but it is a better result  than yesterday. Tied 22nd and another cut made.
Final Day
What a shame! The wind was very strong and I did not use the chance of making a T10. Everyone was struggling and dropped right back, the leader went from -8 down to -1!! Here am I always begging for wind to give me the edge and when I finally get a strong wind, I don´t come through! Well, that´s golf. Still, that makes it four consecutive cuts made in the last tournaments.