Nov 10th -12th: Hero Women's Open 

DLF G&C Club, Gurgaon - India

November 11th. Round 2. Missed cut by one shot.

No luck in India. I tried my best while still feeling awful, but you have no chance to score well on such a tricky course if are not feeling 100%.  

Looking on the bright side I guess it gives me a whole day in bed to try to recover a bit before leaving for China tomorrow night for the Sanya.

I´ll be glad when I get some good air to breathe again.

So Monday it´s on to bigger and better things!

November 10th. Round 1. Survived: +2, T54th.

It is a very tricky and narrow golf course, with lots of elevation changes.  Just a couple loose ones to start, but some good iron play and my putting was solid.  There were at least a couple that deserved to drop but didn’t.

The course is tight, not a lot of drivers hit.  It’s all about playing for position and trying to find the correct portion of the green, much like the Masters. Greens are quick and grain plays a factor.

All in all, fighting against illness and the air quality here, I just tried to hang in there. I felt slightly better today, so I hope I feel increasingly so tomorrow.

Tee off at 7:10, that is 2:40 a.m. CET.

November 9th. Cannot breathe here! The worst pollution ever. This is a wake up call to what we are doing to our planet.

I have been down and out for a couple of days with a terrible throat infection. I finally got to see a doctor this morning and I got some antibiotics. The air pollution is so bad here and it´s not helping.

Imagine how bad it must be that school kids are being kept at home for a couple of weeks and even the players have been notified that we can withdraw with no penalty.

We have to walk around and even play with a mask on, the air is that bad! 

Check out video below, that is not fog, it´s the pollution! 

I'm going to try to get out on the course today. I hope I'm fitter tomorrow!

I am playing with Christine Wolf from Austria and Neha Tripathi, a local.

Tee off at 11:30, that is 5 p.m. CET.