HERO WOMEN´S INDIAN OPEN  11th - 15th November

Saturday Nov. 12th 

+3 today and the end of the run of 11 consecutive cuts made...... :(

I wasn't´t expecting to do the impossible, but I tried: I was level par after 11 holes, but ran out of holes and I needed to get back 6 shots with 3 holes to go. I was hitting the ball just the same as yesterday, but today I did 9 shots less, figure that out!

It´s back home to Andorra tomorrow for a week´s rest and some of Granma´s cooking, Mum and I have been on the road for a month this time!

Next weekend it´s off to the Qatar Ladies Open, a week home then off to Dubai and China.


Friday Nov. 11th

Boy, what happened out there today?!


It was just one of those days: only had 20 mins of light to warm up and the visibility was not good the first few holes and I started with a triple... okay, no problem...

Then the marshal started pushing us along....okay, no problem..

The real mishap happened on the 14th: I landed in some bush/grass next to the cart path. So I take a drop and the ball takes a weird bounce and rolls into another bush.......and I walk away with a 9 on a par 4 ....... Houston, we have a problem! .... :)

Funny enough I feel like I was playing ok, but there are days when the stars and the gods are all against you!

I have to learn from my mistakes: next time I´ll declare the lie unplayable and go back to the tee.

I figure a -6 will get me into the cut tomorrow.. no problem!

By the way, I just heard Martin Kaymer shot an 81 yesterday, so it does happen to others, not just me!! :)


 Nov. 8th

World Ranking up again: 450th! 


I started off in the world ranking for the first time on February 8th 2016 at 935th spot.

That is 485 places in 8 months, but I guess the next 450 spots will not be as easy! 

Nov. 8th

Practice Day: It´s back to work! 

Played the course this morning. It´s very technical, you really have to plot your way around the course. It´s tight and a stray shot can really get you into trouble. I like it!  :)

Check out some of the pics below.

Nov. 7th

Day off: Visit to the Taj Mahal! 

Arrived in New Delhi last night. Incredible place, but unfortunately the the air pollution is at a record high, even schools are closed!

Got up very early this morning to visit the Taj Mahal after a four hour bus ride, but it is worth it, unbelievable, it must be the most beautiful building in the world without a doubt. 

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