Buckinghamshire Golf Club - Denham England 

5th of June 2017


June 5th. Second Round. 

Got it down to +3 from +5 and I knew the cut could go up to +1, which it did, but was running out of holes and had to go double or nothing and in that weather it is just not going to work. Pity, I was hitting greens in that wind, but putts did not drop.

Off to Hong Kong and warmer weather!

June 5th. First Round. 

First round over, +4. It is soooo cold and windy

I can hardly feel my hands. I´d forgotten what cold feels like! And the wind is supposed to become even stronger this afternoon with gusts of up to 45 kms., so it´s going to be one long tough day.

The changes to my swing are working fine and I am close for birdie on most holes, but those putts are not going in, it is frustrating.

When I am through...straight to the airport and a short 12 hour flight to...Hong Kong!

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