Dec 6th -9th: Omega Masters Dubai

Emirates GC - Dubai - UAE


December 9th. -4, Overall -8, T15th.

Finished with another 68 and Tied 15th. Satisfied after having come in tied 82nd at the end of the first day and then bounced back with a 68, 69 and 68.

And that was it: End of the LET 2017 season!

Today it was 5 birdies, 1 bogey. Total for the 4 days was 18 birdies and I am now ranked 2nd in birdies on the LET.

Leaving tonight for Equatorial Guinea and very excited about it. First London, layover, then Madrid, layover then flight back down to Malabo. So tonight there will be no sleep again.

Tuesday we´ll be airlifted East to Mongomo, which is right next to the Gabon border.

At the moment we are battling to get there as the flight as 2:25 am is delayed, which is a problem as we shall miss all the connecting flights.

December 8th. -3, Overall -4, T23rd.

5 birdies, 2 bogeys. Hanging in there and 23rd looks a lot better than 82nd after the first round!

Exhausted at the end of each day, still not recovered from the stress of last week and the jet lag.

One more round to go and the LET season is over. 

Playing with Marianne Skarpnord and with Brittany Lincicome for the third time this tournament!

Tee off at 10:04 = 7:04 CET

December 7th. -4, Overall -1, T39th.

Amazing what some sleep and a new putter can do.

5 birdies, one bogey, went up 43 spots and I am back in the cut.

The smile is back on my face. :)

Playing with Brittany Lincicome from the US and Gemma Clews from England tomorrow.

Tee off at 9:10 = 6:10 CET

December 6th. +3 T82nd.

Both Will, my caddy, and I were exhausted. The last 9 holes I just wasn't there. I lipped out four times and I was very frustrated today. 

The course is not playing difficult, so 

The first thing I did when I came off the course was to go and buy a new putter.

The course is giving up some low scores, so it is not going to be easy to make the cut tomorrow.

December 5th. Arrived in Dubai.

Finally arrived in Dubai this morning at about 7 am after missing our connecting flight in Frankfurt and spending about 5 hours waiting for the next flight. 

So no sleep and just in time to drop off stuff at the hotel at 9 and race off to the golf course to play the Pro-Am, which is going to be my only practise round as the tournament starts tomorrow. :(

But no problem, after the stress of last week, everything is cool, no worries. I just hope I don't fall asleep half way around :)

This is the last event of the LET season and my card is safe for next year, but it would be nice to finish off the season in style. I hope I can remember the course from last year.

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