May 3rd - 6th  Volunteers of America LPGA Texas Classic 

The Colony - Texas - USA

May 6th. -4 today, even overall. I guess I made my first cut on the LPGA!


In the end only 36 holes will be played.

Yesterday I played 28 holes and stopped when it became dark. I played well although the wind picked up, but no putts dropped and things did not look too promising at +4 with only 8 holes left to play and the cut at +1. 

So I had an early night, got up nice and early and arrived at the course at 7 am. Spent 40 mins putting and then went out to play.

The first 28 holes: one birdie, +4

The last 8 holes: four birdies and -4.

Finished level par. Figure that one out.

Now it´s time to pack and take the flight to LA.

May 5th. I get to play! 


I finally tee off at 11:20 today. The tournament has now been reduced to 36 holes with no cut and if we don't finish by Sunday, it will be extended to Monday, which I hope does not happen because I am supposed to fly to California tomorrow night so I get a chance to play a practice round for Tuesday´s Open qualifier.

I guess I´ll be playing 18 holes and then try to get another 9 holes in before it gets dark.

May 4th. Dallas turning into a nightmare.


Just before 3:00 p.m. on Friday, the Tour announced that due to the lengthy delays over the last 36 hours and the goal of completing the tournament by Sunday night, a 54-hole tournament was now no longer possible. The Volunteers of America LPGA Texas Classic will now focus on completing 36 holes by Sunday to ensure an official event. If the tournament is not completed by dark on Sunday, it will go into Monday.  

The Tour made the decision to shorten to 36 holes in part because of fog in the forecast for Saturday, which could lead to more delays depending on visibility. 

The first-round will start at 3:30 p.m.

So 2 days of being locked up in the hotel and a bit of range in between rain showers.

May 3rd. Round 1 suspended, then cancelled altogether. 


Spent all day twiddling my thumbs. The wind was so strong and cold that I preferred to stay in the hotel rather than the event tent afraid it might be blown away!

Wind, rain and lightning all day.

Restart tomorrow at the same time. ​

Tee off at 13:50 local time (20:50 CET)

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