Nov 29th - Dec 3rd

LPGA Q-School Stage III

Daytona Beach - Florida - USA 

December 3rd. Round 5: Level, Total: -1, T23rd:


Am I glad it is over!

It has been one of the most stressful weeks I can remember.

I am obviously disappointed to have finished out of the top 20 in the end by just one shot, but on the other hand I am pleased to get onto the LPGA and play whatever tournaments I can.

Most of the players here on Stage III were very experienced and have been on the LPGA for years, so it is satisfying to know my game is up there on their level.

Looking back on these 5 days, 3 out of 90 holes cost me 7 shots. That means the other 87 were good golf.

Today we went out with one plan in mind: to avoid trouble and to keep it together. One birdie and one bogey, unfortunately those birdie putts did not go in.

Now it´s a pedicure and off to the airport on to Dubai for the Omega Masters, the last Ladies European Tour event of the 2017 season.

​The flight from Orlando to Frankfurt is delayed, so we'll probably miss our connecting flight to Dubai. So I'm going to get there late and probably will not get more than one practise round in, but I remember the course well from last year still.

December 2nd. Round 4: +2, Total: -1, T18th.

What a roller coaster!!. 

I've come away feeling I played a good round, I was hitting the ball crisply and I'm specially satisfied to have come back from a really unfair slap in the face.

It started well with a birdie on the 1st, then a bogey on the 2nd, but then on the 5th, a par 5, I was in a bunker with turned out to have an unexpected lack of sand. I thinned it completely and into the next bunker, which turned out to have even less sand and then thinned it back again into the first bunker. A frustrating and undeserved triple.

4 birdies, 2 bogeys and a triple.

So I am happy that after all that I am still in the mix for tomorrow and ready to come out of my corner swinging!

December 1st. Round 3: +2, Total: -2, T16th.

Not happy with myself. 

The plan for the week was for 5 rounds of 70 shots and today's round puts me 4 shots behind that schedule. 

I was level at the 8th, but a stupid double on the 9th kind of put a spanner in the cogs and it was a roller coaster from there on. 

Today should have been a day to climb further up the leaderboard or at least to stay where I was and there was no wind, so I knew a lot of players would be going low, but I just could not get it going.

3 birdies, two bogeys and a double. 

Playing on the Jones with Maude Leblanc from Canada again and Xiyu Lin from China.

Tee off at 9:50 = 15:50 CET. 

November 30th. Round 2: -2, Total: -4, Placed 3rd.

Another round battling it out.

I started out with a bogey, which woke me up to the fact that it was not going to be an easy round...  :)

Got the shot back on the second and made the turn at -2.

It was all going fine till I saw my name at the top of the leaderboard and promptly made a double bogey on the 10th. I made a couple of good saves and managed to get the 2 shots back to finish at -4 in total, 2 shots back from the leader.

5 birdies, one bogey and a double. Putted really well.

The greens are quite firm and it was not easy to hit greens with the wind.

Playing the Hills again tomorrow and playing with Marisa Steen from the US and Maude-Aimee Leblanc from Canada.

Tee off at 10:23 = 16:23 CET. 

November 29th. Round 1, -2, T9th.

Not unhappy as I was not hitting it as crisply as I would have liked, but my putting was good. All in all I just kept it together with 4 birdies and 2 bogeys.

The Jones course is considered the less demanding of the two, but as the greens have just been renovated, it is hard to stop the ball and it is not going to score well.

Tee time: 8:22 = 14:22 CET

November 28th. Practice over!

Played 9 holes of the Jones yesterday and 9 holes of the Hills today. Then some range work with Morales, the German National Team coach.

Big day tomorrow. I am playing with Maddie McCrary from the US and Wendy Doolan from Australia.

Tee off at 9:39  (15:39 CET)

November 27th. First official practise day.

The players will have the courses to themselves the next two days, which makes it easier to concentrate on the job at hand. The past two days we had to share the course with regular week-end amateurs. 

The Hill course is the hardest and more interesting of the two. Only one par 5 is potentially reachable and most of the par 4´s demand a mid iron in. Par 3´s are good and all the greens are tiny.

My new Ryoma driver is working so well that other players have been asking about it as I am hitting it much further.

I'm practising my chipping trying to get used to this wiry Bermuda rough, not that I plan to be in it that much, of course :)

November 25th. First full day of practise.

The rain is over and the sun is back out. Will arrived yesterday and so we need to use the time to become acquainted with the two courses. That is a total of 36 holes we need to study well.

We are playing the Jones course today and the Hill course tomorrow.