NEWS 2018

NEWS 2018

April 20th. This trip has been jinxed all along!


Left Hawaii and arrived in Morocco after 30 hours travelling. In Hawaii at the boarding gate, United say we have boarding passes but no seats. After a nerve wracking 30 minutes, they allow us on board. 

San Francisco, killing time for 3 hours  and then, about to board Air Canada to Montreal and then on to Morocco, and they say we have no transit visas for Canada, which no-one has told us we need for the 2 hour layover at Montreal. Another nerve-wracking hour while we go online and apply of the visas and the plane is about to leave without us. 

We finally get to Casablanca and you guessed it:  no suitcases and no clubs.

Hours on the phone to the Air Canada airline call centre only to be told to expect the luggage on Thursday, 4 days after we arrive!!

It is now Friday morning and 5 days on I still do not have my two suitcases and no notifications or help from Air Canada. Unacceptable: bad service, bad attitude and planes with not even a screen!!

So I´ve had to buy some clothes and when I try to rent some clubs, they offer me some from the days of Ben Hogan and my Dad has had to fly out from Spain to Morocco to bring me a spare set of clubs so I could play yesterday.

No excuse for playing badly yesterday, but the stress certainly does not help.

January 29th. Finished 3rd at -2.

Didn't play particularly well, but kept away from trouble and birdied a few holes. Not a bad start to the season!

Saying goodbye to Ballarat this morning and driving back to Melbourne to get ready for the Oates Victorian Open.

Actually really enjoyed my time here getting so close to all the wildlife for the first time.

March 19th. Just learnt another big lesson. 


Played a solid round and finished -2.

I was convinced it wasn't enough to make the first two spots and I drove away. It turns out there was a play off for the second spot and I had to race back to the course and had to sprint to the tee box.

As you can expect, I just missed the fairway, lost the ball in the long grass and missed my chance when a simple par would have been enough to win the hole.

So, another lesson learnt: don't take anything for granted and stay until results come in and they are official!

You can imagine my frustration: I felt confident with my irons again, I had my distances right and I had outplayed a strong field.

So now it´s time for a break, regroup and get strong for the next battles to try to keep my LPGA card this year.

Leaving for home in Andorra tomorrow.

Jan 28th: ALPG Ballarat Icons Pro Am

Ballarat Golf Club - Victoria - Australia

January 27th. Off to the start of a new season!

Tee time: 7:30 am, 21:30 CET.

Touched a kangaroo and a koala for the very first time today. They have got to be the sweetest animals out.

Start getting into competition mode tomorrow.

January 23rd. Here we go again!

Packing my bags again & about to start the 2018 season.

Flying to Melbourne, Australia tomorrow.

Then I drive north to Ballarat for the LPGA Ballarat Icons Pro Am next Sunday.

The start of the season is promising to be absolutely awesome with everyone Down Under getting geared up for the Australian Open.

I am chomping at the bit, raring to go.