Dec 6th -9th: Omega Masters Dubai

Emirates GC - Dubai - UAE


December 17th. Final Round, T8th

Play was suspended yesterday due to rain and today we finished Round 3. I just could not bring it back with the rain and the interruptions and with only 3 holes to go I had to risk it and paid the penalty with a double.

Round 4 will not be played as there will not be enough time today and everyone has a plane to catch. 

A pity, winning this would have been a nice way to finish off the season.

Now it´s time to go home and chill out, I´ve been on the road for 6 weeks and now I need a few weeks of good food and good air back in Andorra. 

December 15th. Round 2, -3 total and leading.

6 birdies and 3 bogeys, one of them on the last hole.

It´s a bit easier playing once you know the course and you know how to plot your way around it and it´s nice to have your name at the top of the leaderboard.

The format is fun with mixed flights of guys and girls.

There is a lot of golf left to play, so let´s see what happens tomorrow.

December 11th. Twidding my thumbs in Madrid

At least I was able to catch up on some much need sleep... and shopping, and some good food.... and shopping, and some gym...... and shopping :)

Tomorrow it´s an early day again with a 6 a.m. flight to Paris and from there to Malabo and from there to Mongomo.

So it'll be another long day on the road and to add to it all, I am lugging around a second set of clubs with me that belong to another pro that flew down yesterday and... kind of left his clubs behind.... :)

I hope I can get one practice day on Wednesday and get to know the course a bit. I´ll have to do all the work myself as I have given Will a deserved break this week.

Check out the event teaser and the Mogombo Golf Club flyover below and then find it on Google Earth. 

December 10th. Arrived in Madrid.

It´s Mongomo or bust!!!

Getting to Mongomo has become something personal. First it was the flight from Dubai being delayed 7 hours so I would miss the connecting flights in London and in Madrid. So after having got up at 5 in the morning, playing the final round and then attending the farewell party, I end up stranded at the airport with a whole lot of luggage wondering where I am going. So you think you have long working hours??!!

Then change of plan and finally left at 4 in the morning to Madrid instead with no sleep. Got to Madrid only to discover there is no connecting flight till Tuesday morning.

Now trying to book a flight over Paris on a website that won't let me book it if I am not over 25, unbelievable.

Then the credit cards seemed to be down and no credit card worked for ages.

What else can happen?

But you know what? Olawale Opayinka of 3e Actuaries has been so supportive and so enthusiastic that I am going to get there one way or another.

The effort these people are putting into such a venue, completely off the beaten track, so as to promote golf in Africa deserves our full support and we cannot let them down.

So I am adamant I'm going to make it there even if I have to drive it and swim it!

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