Omega Dubai ladies Masters

Emirates GC - DUBAI -U.A.E

7th - 10th December


Dic. 11th: Day off in the desert

Thank you Dubai for an amazing experience. The tournament, the service, the facilities and the hospitality that were offered to us were absolutely second to none. I really hope to be here next year again.

Spent the day in the desert, what an incredible feeling to be out there surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of sand! 

Check out the pics below, and if you are wondering about my new look, well.....when in Rome.....  :)

Leaving for China tonight.

Dic. 10th: Last Day: Finished +3, T 35th

Not the final round I was hoping for, having been in contention. 

My putter rebelled and I could not make a putt. Having come down with a bad cold with a temperature did not help and I was glad it was over after a double on the 18th!

Still, cut made and secured my ranking and card for next year. Closed the season 63rd on the LET. Plan 1 accomplished. Thank you Steve for a good job on my bag this week.

Now I have to get well and do well in the closing tournament of the Chinese tour.

Flying from Dubai to Doha and on to Guangzhou tomorrow.

Dic. 9th: Second Day: Level Par, overall -2, T 13th

Made the cut!

What a rollercoaster of a round! Four bogeys, four birdies!  

The wind really picked up and became very strong so those of us that teed off late had a tough day keeping the ball on the fairway and on the greens that have dried out and become even harder and faster. I really had to battle to keep it together. 

First mission accomplished: making the cut and insuring my not having to go back to Q-School!

Second mission tomorrow is to get into the T10 or even better. The forecast says it´ll be windy, so you never know what might happen with the scores. I am 1 shot back of T5, 2 shots back off T3 and 5 back from the leader.

Rock & Roll starts at 10:20, 08:20 CET tomorrow!!!

Dic. 8th: First Round Continued: -2

I am quite pleased with the score, it was tough going out there with the wind. You need to stay out of that rough and the greens were hard and fast.

3 birdies and 2 bogies, including a 3-putt on the par3 7th .

Unless that wind dies down, the cut tomorrow should not be too low.

And now it´s siesta time! This getting up at 4 a.m. thing two days in a row is not my cup of tea.

Dic. 7th: A Sad Day for Everyone, play suspended

Today tragedy struck the LET when Maximilian, Annelise Caudal´s caddie, suffered a heart attack while on the course and died on the way to hospital. 

Play was suspended today as a sign of respect.

The tournament will resume tomorrow and will be played over 54 holes only.

My condolences to the caddie´s family and to Annelise.

Dic. 7th: Round One, Tee off at 8:15 (5:15 CET)

It seems like it was only yesterday that I was battling it out at Q-School and here we are in Dubai for the last tournament of the season battling not to have to go back!

This is the biggest event of the year and I am really excited to be playing here with this great field.

Steve is on my bag this week. Steve is a Geordie, he is getting to know my game and I am getting to understand what he says. (For those non-Brits: a Geordie is someone from Newcastle)  :)

Paul is a fan that writes to me asking me some questions. Paul, here are my answers: My favourite distance: 2 feet from the pin; My plan for this tournament: 66, 66, 66 and 66......  :)

Dic. 4th: First practice round at the Emirates GC!

Got a full day´s work in today. Carmen and I were at the course by 8 am and then it was range, course and range.

What an incredible place. The course is in an absolute pristine groomed condition, perhaps you can make it out on the pics and videos below. The facilities are great and the clubhouse is fabulous. 

The course is not very tight, but you do not want to be in this rough and there are trees, so I hope my driver is back to its reliable old self this week and I stick to the fairways. And look at the size of those bunkers!

Still not striking the ball quite as I would like to, but I´ve still got two days to polish it up!

Dic. 2nd: First Day in Dubai!

Carmen Alonso and myself got into the hotel at about 2:30 am and got up at 7 for an early extra practice round, only to find the club closed!!!

"No por mucho madrugar amanece mas temprano", which in English means: No matter how early you get up, you can't make the sun rise any sooner!

Oh well, it was one of those days I guess.

Check out the two cool chicks below with the whole golf course to ourselves!....well, the driving range at least :)

DIC. 1st: Dubai here we come!

Leaving tomorrow after seven days in Andorra.

Used the time to meet up with Laurence, do some gym and practice a bit at Aravell Golf Club.

It is certainly a change from 29º in Qatar to 8º in Andorra then back to 30º in Dubai!

The Omega Dubai Ladies Masters is the last LET event for this season. I am now ranked 63rd and I need a good result to improve my ranking.

Leticia & Steve
Emirates GC2
Emirates GC3
Leticia & Carmen