Hillside GC, Vihti - Finland

25th - 27th of August


August  27th

It´s good to compete again!

Played well from tee to green, but my putting is still not where it should be. The first day I was out in the last group  when a really strong wind started to blow, the second day the other way around, but it is hard to score well when you are doing 3 triple putts per round. Still, that is another cut made.

August  24th

It´s hard to get back into competition mode!

Wow! What a change in temperature! One day I´m home in Andorra at 32 degrees and the next it´s 8 degrees when I wake up in Vihti, Finnland. 

I´m working on my putting trying to implement the changes I worked on with Christian, but it is not easy. 

Old habits die hard, one simply has to persevere!