Lion Lake CC , - Guangdong - China

16th - 18th of December 2016

Dic. 17th: Missed cut. Over and out till 2017!

I was freezing when we teed off at 7:10 this morning and did not get warm at any time, this flu did not help.

I drove it into some long grass and started with a double and I just could not get it going from there on. It´s a shame, but I shall be back next year! 

It was not the way I wanted to finish the season, but now it is time for a break!

Dic. 16th: Tied 26th at +4.

It was very tough out there today, there was a small gale blowing and the wind was bitter cold!

The scores tell the tale: such a great field and not one player finished under par!

I was actually tied for the lead teeing off at hole 8, but an unnecessary 3 putt started a run of bogeys. These greens are very difficult to read, unless you are close to the pin you have to putt defensively and with this wind you are happy to be on the green at all!   

Early start tomorrow, teeing off at 7:10 am (00:10 am CET)

Dic. 15th: Tee Off at 11:20 tomorrow.

Played the Pro-Am yesterday and spent the day practising today. The temperature has dropped and it is bitter cold here. I hope I can get rid of my cold or flu and I can play without my eyes watering!

The field is impressive, the best players from China, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan are here and a whole bunch of them are ranked in the top 100 of the world!

For those that have asked, this is how you write my name in Chinese:



I have a late tee off tomorrow, so I can relax a bit.

Dic. 12th: Arrived in Guangzhou, China.

Got to the hotel just in time to have dinner and crash. This cold is killing me, I am exhausted. I have to recover, tomorrow is the first practice round.

Would you believe I have been here so often this year that China is starting to feel like home? Guangzhou is the capital of the province Guangdong, which we know as Canton. It is a massive city of over 13 million people.

The Hyundai China Ladies Open is a big event closing the season for the CLPGA, so all the good Asian players are here. Guess who is the only non-Asian?  :)