Club Hubbelrath, Germany

8th - 11th of September


September 11th

ISPS HANDA European Masters: Last Day

Teed off at 10:21

Well, as the saying goes (slightly modified to golf): it is better to have played and lost than not to have played at all!

Just couldn´t get it going. I started off with two bogeys, managed to straighten it up with 3 back to back birdies, but then got slapped with 2 consecutive doubles when I hit two shots into the trees and crowned it with a three putt.

I recovered and did get two shots back after that, but couldn´t climb back up the leaderboard.

Finished T 31st and I hope that gets me up the ranking a bit.

Congratulations to In-Kyung Kim on her win. What an incredible last day round of -9 !


September 10th

ISPS HANDA European Masters: Third Day

Teed off at 10:19.

The day did not work out as planned, duh!

My irons let me down and I just wasn´t close to the pin on the first 9. The back 9 went a bit better, but I missed a good birdie chance on 17th.

All told I hit 11 out of 14 fairways, but only 9 greens. My short game saw me through saved the day with 27 putts and a chip in on hole 6.

But a 72 is not good enough on moving day.

​I´ll just have to try to finish on a strong note tomorrow!


September 9th

ISPS HANDA European Masters: Second Day

Teed off at 14:19.

It was a long day starting so late.

I played solid golf, but I came away unhappy with the result. I only missed two fairways, but I got punished for it with unlucky lies and I even had to take a drop.

I dropped three shots on the last four holes. I guess my concentration left me.

A shame, I was Tied 9th at -3 going into the 15th and finished Tied 21 st at Even. So that´s another 3 shots I have to make up over the weekend!


 September 8th

ISPS HANDA European Masters: First Day

Teed off at 9:19. 

This course is tight, which suits me as I am pretty straight off the tee, but it is tricky. A drive that looked fine ended up in the woods and cost me two shots.

Tomorrow I really have to plot my way around this course even more carefully!

The greens are not difficult, but they are quite small.   I´m pleased to report there were no 3-putts today!

I finished -1 today at T 17th. Not bad considering the caliber of the field, but I need to get further up the leaderboard.

My two Granmas: Oma and Nana just rang to tell me they are both watching me live on their iPads, one in Andorra and the other in Australia. Unbelievable! 

September 8th

ISPS HANDA European Masters: First Day

I tee off at 9:19. The fun starts!

The field is impressive, 144 top players, it is not going to be easy to do well.

The course is tight, with fairways carved out of a forest and lots of hazards, so you don´t want any tee shots to be wayward.

The Spanish Armada!

September 4th

Just arrived in Düsseldorf / Germany.

Rushed to the Taipei airport yesterday just in time to catch the plane to Hong Kong, from there to Helsinki and on to Düsseldorf. Amazingly my clubs got there as well!

Tomorrow I´ll check out the course, but today is relax, relax and relax some more!