Thailand LPGA Masters 2017

Panya Indra GC, Bangkok, Thailand 

13th - 15th September 

September 15th. Last day. +3, +6 overall. Tied 35th.

Only one birdie all day.

Now it´s back home of Andorra for just one day for some good air and to cool down, it will be 4º Sunday morning there as I leave to fly to Marbella!

Now it´s all back to back tournaments practically right through till Christmas, so it´s good to get into competition mode ASAP.

Right now it´s off to Bangkok airport for the long haul back to Barcelona.

September 14th. Second day. Level par, +3 overall. and Tied 29th. Cut made.

Four birdies, but four bogies for level par. Tied 28th for the moment. 

Could have been a lot better if some more putts had gone in and I had made some more ups and down, but all in all I am hitting it well.

Let´s see what tomorrow brings.

September 13th. First day. +3 tied 64th.

Got off to a flying start with 2 birdies, but then it went a bit wrong and putts did not drop.

It was a shame, I was striking the ball well. 

Having an upset tummy and having to get up at 4:30 did not help I guess  :)

Tomorrow tee off at 11:15 and I can sleep in a bit!

September 7th. Arrived in Thailand

Arrived in Bangkok and drove to Hua Hin.....but no clubs, so I have a great excuse to take a couple of days off  :)

Absolutely love Thailand, the people and the food and it´s warm!!!

September 5th. Andorra - Thailand Express!

Enjoyed the couple of weeks break training golf and fitness in Andorra and La Sella.

I´m taking a couple of days off in Thailand, but then it´s back to work non-stop till Christmas with 10 tournaments back to back: Thailand - Spain - France - USA - Abu Dhabi - India - China - USA - Dubai - China.