October 2nd

Visit to Miami almost over! :(

Incredible how time flies when you are having good time!

I got here on Monday and suddenly it´s Sunday and I am on the way to the airport already!

I really enjoyed being back here in Miami. I visited UM and the golf team and Coaches, I even got to train with Dani once. Hi to everyone at the Biltmore!

Brickell is still the center of Miami night life and South Beach the center of nightlife on the weekend...for New Yorkers!

I caught up with dear old friends: Devon Ashley, Arev and others and even had time to do some shopping.

It´s back to work training hard as from Tuesday, I leave for China next Saturday already, no rest for the wicked! 


September 27th

Good news: I get to play the Sanya Open!

That makes it two LET tournaments in China in October, so I´ll be staying on to play the Sanya after Xiamen. I need to find the time to learn more Chinese, what a great country and lovely people: I want to be able to communicate more!


September 26th

Miami here I come!

I am off to visit my old haunts for a week. 

I´m looking forward to meeting up with my friends, Coach Rizzo, Dani and Delfy and the others at UM.

It´ll be fun train with them at the Biltmore again!

I´m taking along some new Srixon irons I am trying out.