March 23rd - 25th : Zhuhai Hengqin Phoenix Tree Building Challenge, Zhuhai  - China.

March 25 th. Zhuhai. Third Day: Finished T 30th. Ranked 6th in CLPGA.


Played even today, missing a 2 foot putt on the 18th, which more or less sums up the day and the tournament. Just could not get it working.

On the way home: first the ferry to Hong Kong, then plane to Dubai, plane to Barcelona and drive home to Andorra tomorrow morning. It´s a long trip!

March 24 th. Zhuhai. Second Day: A day to forget.


It was one of those days where things just won´t work. I did not go into the water, yet I was +8 by the end of the day. Strangely, there were very high scores out there and I still made the cut.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make it back up the leaderboard a bit.

Tee off at 8:20 am, that is 1:20 am European time.

March 23 rd. Zhuhai. First Day: -1, T 7th.


Started off great and was -4 at the 5th, and -5 on the 11th, but a double bogey on the 12th dropped a spanner in the works and I finished at -1. Still, pleased with the round, 6 birdies is always good! 

This course has water on practically every hole, so you really have to plot your way around very carefully.

March 22 nd. Zhuhai. Practice day today:  


Practiced today. I remember the course from last year, but there is always something new to discover.

Tee off at 12:30 tomorrow, 5:30 a.m. European time.

March 21 st. Zhuhai. Pro Am today:  


Arrived in Zhuhai with a lot of the girls that played Haikou and are playing this event as well. 

The Pro Am today was great fun.

I seem to be recovering a bit from the flu.

Practice tomorrow and the tournament starts Thursday.