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Women in Sports.

How sport has helped me in through life...

Sport has opened up a huge number of doors for me.

Through golf, I received a full scholarship to study at the University of Miami and play golf for four years, where I graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.

I was fortunate enough to be able to turn my passion for golf into my career and when I came out of University playing on the Ladies European Tour, I turned Pro.

Since then I have been able to travel the world and explore countries and places I would otherwise never have visited. I was fortunate to experience new cultures as well as make long lasting friendships all over the globe and I have met incredible people.

Sport has taught me discipline, etiquette, camaraderie and to respect others. I have learnt that with perseverance and dedication one can go a long way, that nothing in life comes easy, you have to work for it. Success won´t happen overnight, it is all a matter of putting in the work necessary to achieve your goals.

My Biggest Mentors...

My biggest mentors have always been my parents. I really look up to them for all that they have achieved in their life so far. They have taught me valuable life lessons, moral values and they have always been my biggest supporters. With the guidance and motivation of my mum and dad I have been able to reach the highest level of golf. They have helped in every phase of life. My parents´ interest in golf lead me to pick up a club at a young age and soon become better than them, although my father would never admit it.

I have a small but strong team around me that includes family, friends and my loving and caring boyfriend Joe. They guide me to be the best version of myself and motivate me through every day life.

Being a woman in sports and how I look at my role...

Women are still a minority in most sports, especially in some countries where due to cultural or religious mindsets, it is frowned upon or even forbidden for women to participate in sporting activities, let alone compete. Sport and competition teach one to be self sufficient, it boosts your confidence, it takes women out of their traditional submissive role in society.

Even in the western world women are still a minority when it comes to golf. As a female professional golfer, I have taken it upon myself that one of my many responsibilities is to help grow and promote the game of golf and make it more accessible to women everywhere as a way to empower women to become masters of their own lives.

At this point in history, women´s golf is still facing many challenges, but with the drive (no pun intended) and determination of women in sport in general, I foresee a substantial increase in women taking up the sport as it does not demand physical prowess as a condition for success.

That is why using social media channels to effectively document our amazing lives around the sport, to make the public aware of the opportunities that can potentially arise from this game, from access to education to one of the many professions within the golf world.

I believe on a local level, golf courses need to implement more women orientated programs, such as summer camps for our youth or promoting ladies´ days and, on a national and international level, I am happy to see that the Ladies European Tour and LPGA are actively working together to help raise the game by making a positive impact on the younger generation and getting more younger women involved.

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